The Premier Executive Forum

The Presidents Forum is a membership based program designed to meet the needs of presidents and CEOs. This comprehensive executive forum is comprised of an active team of industry-leading professionals who share their innovative ideas, experience, and expertise to expand personal and corporate growth.

About The Presidents Forum

As a high-powered executive, your managers turn to you for counsel and direction when solving important business challenges. Where can you turn for feedback on tough decisions? For more than 50 years, our collaborative executive forum has provided key peer insight by advancing the exchange of new ideas and timely perspectives among senior operating leaders of area businesses. The Presidents Forum has advanced the exchange of timely information,  new ideas and perspectives among senior operating leaders of local businesses. For more than 50 years, Chicago area companies with sales up to $2.5 billion have enhanced profits and productivity, sharpened their judgment, and broadened their horizons through this premier executive forum.  The Presidents Forum is the most cost-effective program for personal and corporate growth in the Chicago area. The Presidents Forum provides local CEOs and business executives with insightful leadership and networking opportunities. To learn how you can join our group, contact us today.