About The Presidents Forum in Chicago IL

At The Presidents Forum, our mission is clear. We are dedicated to finding, developing, and sharing better management methods among business leaders in the Chicagoland area. Assisted by a knowledgeable and seasoned staff, the principals of The Presidents Forum bring years of hands-on business experience to their roles as directors, facilitators, and organizers.

As an executive peer group, The Presidents Forum is structured to give our members the opportunity to:

  • Learn how other presidents run their companies, what they are doing today, and what they are planning for the future of their business.
  • Participate in confidential and candid discussions with other presidents and CEOs.
  • Save time and money by finding out what strategies are working and not working at other businesses, potentially avoiding costly mistakes that could take your business months to recover.

Our Principals

After earning his MBA from the University of Chicago, Gregory Vrablik served as the Senior Financial Analyst of a Fortune 500 company before joining The Presidents Forum in 1980. He has presided over 2,000 Forum meetings.

Bryan Vrablik earned his degree in Business Administration from Boston College. He then became the Regional Manager of a leading financial services company before joining The Presidents Forum in 1990. He has presided over 900 Forum meetings and extensively interviewed over 1,000 CEOs.

Peter has been a part of the Presidents Forum for over 17 years.  Peter has over 20 years of experience as a sales director and sales manager.  He is also the moderator for the Presidents Forum Sales Council as well as the COO Council.

Before joining the Presidents Forum in 2012, Leilani was Regional Sales Manager in Payment Systems, Global Buying Services Manager, and brings 13 years experience in television sales and management, four years as secretary to the president of  ABC News.

The Presidents Forum provides local CEO’s and business executives with insightful leadership and networking opportunities. To learn how you can join our group, contact us today.


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