Executive Management Council in Chicago IL

The Executive Management Council allows key executives to achieve both their personal and professional goals more quickly than they would have otherwise. This group of executives of non-competing companies meets monthly in a relaxed, convivial environment to focus on a topic of mutual interest, convening at one another’s companies on a rotating basis. We focus on problems, opportunities, and decisions of the meeting’s host to improve performance and competitiveness, while learning from each other’s successes and mistakes.

More about The Executive Management Council in Chicago IL

To prepare the agenda for each meeting, an expert moderator works with the host executive. The focus for a particular meeting may be broad, such as the total performance of a manufacturing organization, or it might be very specific, such as the implementation of cellular/flow technology. The focus depends upon the needs and interests of the host company.

The moderator runs all meetings to keep conversations on track while making sure all viewpoints are expressed. The host company presents its capabilities and key issues, and attending council members ask questions and offer constructive suggestions and alternative solutions based on their knowledge and experience.


As you know, no matter how good you already are, today’s environment requires continuous improvement. For Chicago area executives, The Executive Management Council can be an extremely powerful and cost effective means to help you enhance your competitive edge while achieving both personal and professional success.

To learn how to take your business to the next level with The Executive Management Council, find out you can join today.

The Executive Management Council in Chicago offers information and insights to today’s most promising executives. To learn how you can become a member, contact us today.



The President’s Forum Sales Council has been extremely helpful in achieving my goals as a sales manager.  To be able to have a sounding board of peers can help make difficult sales decisions much clearer.  The sales council also offers guidance in not only decision making, but in how to better focus my teams sales efforts.  My sales team and I were spending too much time and energy focusing on a very large volume customer with little margin and trying to salvage that business.  After bringing up the situation to my council, they told me to focus our energy and time to more profitable accounts.  Since then, while our large customer is losing some sales, the rest of business is doing great.  Overall sales are far outpacing budget and the increased business is at a more profitable level.

The council helps any sales manager get a different set of eyes and ears on any situation.  Even though all the council members are in different industries, most of the challenges faced are similar.  I am thrilled to have such an excellent outside team to discuss all aspects of sales management with.

Jeff Tait
VP of Sales
Tablecraft Products