The Presidents Advisory Council in Chicago IL

The Presidents Advisory Council allows executives and CEOs to connect with their peers in a collaborative, structured setting. Advisory Council members meet with a rotating group of 6 to 8 CEO’s from non-competing firms in a wide range of industries for a confidential, detailed analysis of questions or concerns raised by the meeting’s host.

This strategic thinking and collaboration opportunity takes place monthly and is designed to promote the sharing of business knowledge and strategy. Rather than the limited subset of information an executive will receive from senior staff members or a Board of Directors, the Council offers the objective insights that are only available from this specialized peer group.

Are you wondering if The Presidents Advisory Council will advance you and your business? Benefits include:

  • New, objective insights into a company’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Practical suggestions to achieve objectives from qualified peers
  • An inside look at the successes and failures of other members’ companies
  • An ongoing educational experience in the Case Study method, but with real, live cases
  • The ability to identify pitfalls before they occur

Our members agree: the benefits of the Presidents Advisory Council are invaluable. If you are interested in this group designed for business leaders ready to take their company to the next level, learn how you can join today.

The Presidents Advisory Council  offers information and insights only available from this specialized peer group. To learn how you can join, contact us today.